Resurrecting the dead

Accounts that is.

You see I attended a conference this past week where the guest speaker encouraged us to get on Twitter to engage in the conference and network.  I never really enjoyed Twitter. I read many different Twitter post on news articles and in Facebook yet I found using Twitter to be exhausting and gave it up with a year of establishing my account.   But for the sake of conference engagement, I resurrected my old Twitter account which hadn’t been used in 10 years.

And now, I have resurrected my Blogger account, for an online course I am taking, which also has not been used in approximately 10 years. I’m not new to blogging, in fact, I used to blog often.  I had quite the following and followed many others—it was a lot of fun. Back in 2007, Facebook was gaining popularity with adults and eventually I rolled over to only posting there.  About the same time I joined the workforce.   I soon learned that my parenting style and stories, sense of humor and views of the world aroun…